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‘SheDecides’ wins the Machiavelli Award 2017

SheDecides wins the award, because ‘this movement has collected almost 400 million euros in a record period of time to ensure the right of women and girls all over the world to decide for themselves about whether or not to have children, when to have them and with whom. Early 2017 within less than six weeks a worldwide movement was founded consisting of countries, funds and individuals to ensure the autonomy of women and girls’, so states the jury report.

Machiavelli Award 2016 for Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers

Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers have won the Machiavelli Award 2016, because “with their manifest ‘Focus on Elder Care’ they form the most effectively communicating actiongroup of recent times”, according to the jury report. “They have been able to depolitize the highly loaded political debate on elderly care in record pace. With all the political parties in Parliament they have been able to enforce a highly exceptional unanimity. This has led to a breakthrough that deserves a place in political history.”

Machiavelli Award 2015 for Dutch Safety Board

The Dutch Safety Board has won the Machiavelli Award 2015 because “with the report on the MH17 disaster they have – where possible – given clarity to the relatives in particular and the world in general. The way in which the Safety Board has done it provides a good example of outstanding communication. In an extremely sensitive situation with high-level geopolitical interests as well as extreme grief of the survivors, the Safety Board has conducted and published its research in an authoritative way".

Machiavelli Award 2014 for RTL Nederland

RTL Nederland has received the Machiavell Award 2014, because "RTL has proven over the past 25 years to be more than just a large commercial broadcaster. In many ways innovative, bold and above all binding, according to the jury report. "RTL has been the hunter and forerunner of a series of new program formats. From reality shows to financial-economic news: thanks to RTL, the Dutch television viewer has enjoyed an innovative and varied offer over the past 25 years. On other channels as well".

Machiavelli Award 2013 for Eberhard van der Laan

Eberhard van der Laan, mayor of Amsterdam, accepted on 4 februari 2014 the Machiavelli Award 2013, because “he is an example of clarity and perspicuity in a governing world in which many hide behind fuzzy language. The successful way in which Van der Laan manages the capital is proclaimed by his distinctive and clear style of communication. Understanding of sensitivities, he announces the right message at the right time", concludes the jury report.

Machiavelli Award 2012 for Bauke Vaatstra

Bauke Vaatstra received the Machiavelli Award 2012, "because he has actively engaged the media for thirteen years in a persistent, professional and authentic manner, so that the murderer of his daughter could be traced. Through his media performance, Vaatstra first prevented the case from becoming a cold case. Due to his public persistance and insistence, it became finally possible to conduct large-scale DNA research in 2012,” according to the jury report.

Machiavelli Award 2011 for Princess Máxima

H.R.H. Princess Máxima has received the Machiavelli Award 2011 for her exceptional communicative qualities that have characterized her work as Princess of the Netherlands in the past ten years.
"With her skills she strengthened the support for the monarchy as a symbol of national unity and continuity in the 21st century. In addition, she has been able to address a wide audience and thereby establish a connection with very diverse groups within the Dutch population", according to the jury report.

Machiavelli Award 2010 for Bert van Marwijk

Bert van Marwijk has received the Machiavelli Award 2010 for his outstanding communicative qualities as coach of the Dutch football team. “Against the background of the divisions in the Netherlands, it is highly remarkable that football coach Bert van Marwijk has succeeded in creating, monitoring and preserving unity. Unity, not only in the Dutch team, but among the Dutch population as a whole", according to the jury report.

Machiavelli Award 2009 for Jeroen Smit

Research journalist Jeroen Smit has received the Machiavelli Award 2009 from chairwoman Marja Wagenaar for the way in which he made accessible to the public a wide range of reasons for the economic crisis in his book De Prooi based on ABN Amro's fate.

Machiavelli Award 2008 for Jan Marijnissen

Former Socialist Party leader Jan Marijnissen has received the Machiavelli Award 2008 for the way in which, as a Member of Parliament, he has communicated the views of his party in an authentic manner for many years. 

Machiavelli Award 2007 for Neelie Kroes

European Commissioner Neelie Kroes received the Machiavelli Award 2007 for the way she communicates "unconcerned about populism" her work in Europe in clear terms to a wide audience. Like no other, she makes known the consequences of her decisions for the daily life or financial situation of European citizens in everyday terms. 

Machiavelli Award 2006 for Jan Blokker

Jan Blokker received the Machiavelli Award 2006 for his complete oeuvre as a newspaper columnist. For decades he stands out as a columnist with heads and shoulders above all others. "In the national predator gallery of piece writers, Jan Blokker is the honorary leopard. His style is recognizable and inimitable. Reason for awarding the prize is the continuous high quality of his columns."

Machiavelli Award 2005 for Prof. mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven received the Machiavelli Award for the way in which he gave a clear and convincing view of the independent safety investigation in the Netherlands as chairman of the Dutch Safety Board. He radiates independence, involvement and visibility. And that in an area that only tolerates transparency and no compromises: the physical security of our country.

Machiavelli Award 2004 for Gerd Leers

Mayor of Maastricht Gerd Leers received the Machiavelli Award 2004, because he is a type of governor who, by showing intransigence in his performance, makes it clear that public order and safety are not up for bargain. In times of uncertainty, that makes clear to citizens what they can expect from their public officials. Gerd Leers shows local leadership with great national appeal.

Machiavelli Award 2003 for the creators of the ‘stemwijzer’

The StemWijzer creators received the Machiavelli Award because the StemWijzer informs, confronts and stimulates. The StemWijzer has made an eminent and possibly sustainable contribution to the public information provision around elections, it has proven to be a major stimulus for the political discussion in living rooms, canteens and offices and it has shown in a creative way what internet could mean for the political participation and for stimulating responsible and involved citizenship

Machiavelli Award 2002 for Ivo Opstelten

The Board of the Machiavelli Foundation awarded the Machiavelli Award in May 2002 to Mayor Ivo Opstelten of Rotterdam because of his reconciliating and stabilizing performance when the tensions in the agitated days after the murder of Pim Fortuyn went to a boiling point. The mayor of Rotterdam demonstrated in that week the meaning of public leadership and publicity in crisis situations. There was empathy, there was sense of symbolism, it was good.

Machiavelli Award 2001 for the Tax Authority

The Machiavelli Award for government communication was awarded to the Tax Administration in 2001, and in particular for the communication of the new tax system. The jury was formed by the Wallage committee, which has based its choice on the extent to which the nominees put into practice recommendations already made by the committee. Under the supervision of Secretary of State Bos, Director General Thunnissen received the prize.

Machiavelli Award 2000 for Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven

According to the board of directors, Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven, Speaker of Parliament, has deserved the Machiavelli Award because, in the function that she has held over the las two and a half years, she has given important incentives to improve the perception of politics. She did not do that as a party politician, but as a representative of all elected representatives.

Machiavelli Award 1999 for ‘The illegal press’

The jury decided in 1999 to issue the Machiavelli Award to the illegal press, in the persons of the editors in chief of Het Parool, Trouw en Vrij Nederland and to ask them to hand over the statue to the chairman of Nieuwspoort as the guardian of a place where the journalistic attitude, for which the illegal press once stood, is still being realized daily and cán be realized. As a press center, Nieuwspoort distinguishes itself positively in the current journalistic climate thanks to its critical, independent and idealistic impact.

Machiavelli Award 1998 for Hans van Mierlo

Mr. Hans van Mierlo received the Machiavelli Award in the year in which he decided to end his political career. The Machiavelliprijs 1998 serves as an oeuvre prize. In awarding the prize to him, the jury wishes to express its appreciation of the unique way in which he contributed to the political debate in the Netherlands for more than thirty years.

Machiavelli Award 1997 for the Municipality of Amersfoort

The municipality of Amersfoort received the Machiavelli Award1997 for the 'Collega gevraagd' (colleague wanted) project for long-term unemployed. The municipality was hereby rewarded for the communication project that sought to help long-term unemployed back in the workforce again.

Machiavelli Award 1996 for ‘De Nederlandsche Bank’

The Dutch Central Bank received from the Board of Machiavelli the Machiavelli Award for its communication policy, which resulted in a solid international name of the Netherlands.

Machiavelli Award 1995 for the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, and the Municipality of Delft

The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport and the municipality of Delft received the Machiavelli Award in 1995 for their exemplary project ‘Quality Improvement city center’. 

Machiavelli Award 1994 for Loesje

Loesje received the Machiavelli Award 1994 for the art of bringing the message back to its essence.

Machiavelli Award 1993 for the chief commissioners of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague

The Machiavelli Award 1993 was awarded by the jury to the chief commissioners of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague for their recognizable way of communicating.

Machiavelli Award 1992 for Ed van Thijn

In 1992, the Machiavelli Award was awarded to Mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn. He received the award for the way in which he communicates as a mayor with great involvement.

Machiavelli Award 1991 for Veen/Vegin/Vestin

The Machiavelli Award 1991 was awarded by the jury to Veen / Vegin/Vestin for their distinctive communication of the Environmental Action Plan.

Machiavelli Award 1990 for Municipality of Apeldoorn

The municipality of Apeldoorn was awarded the Machiavelli Award by the Board of Machiavelli for the ‘Small Chemical Waste’ collection action. 

Machiavelli Award 1989 for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Culture

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Culture received from the chairman of the Machiavelli Foundation the Machiavelli Award 1989 for Public Communication for the "drinking breaks more than you love" campaign.
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